Fabrication Enterprises Inc.

Fabrication Enterprises is a manufacturer, importer, and master distributor of products for physical therapy, occupational therapy, chiropractic clinics, athletic training, homecare, and more. Founded in 1974, our products are sold to hospitals, clinics, fitness centers, professionals, and more by a global network of dealers. Read more


We are a medical equipment R & D manufacture company. Since established in April 2007, we have been supplying continuously rehabilitation medical equipment with own R & D to markets both domestically and internationally, such as U.S.A., Germany and Russia. We will not be satisfied with the present, accumulated technology for the next generation rehabilitation medical equipment. We promise that we will not stop going forward for a higher level with constant dedication on R & D. Read more.


Shenzhen HugeMed Medical Technical Development Co., LTD. (a.k.a. HugeMed) founded in 2014, is a high-tech company that focuses on medical equipment research and development, production, sales, and after-sales services. HugeMed has a highly efficient team with more than 20 years’ experience with medical equipment research and development.More than 80% employees has master degrees. HugeMed provides solutions in the field of video larynscopes for clinical surgery, anesthesia, emergency ,cardiology and respiratory care, etc. Read more

Homebrace Germany

The logo with the red circles around the black house represents the 5 fingers of a hand holding the home. The mission then and now is to support people with their autonomy, especially with activities of everyday living and in their own home – hence our tagline, “your home at your hands”. Read more

ITO Co. Ltd.

Since our founding in 1916, alongside its own research and development, ITO has sought out and adopted technologies from around the world to design numerous physiotherapy devices. Drawing on this legacy, we launched full-fledged international expansion efforts in the 1970s and opened offices in China and Vietnam during the 1990s. Since then, we’ve rapidly grown our businesses in Asian markets. Read more

Joerns Healthcare

Simply put. . .Joerns Healthcare is a fully integrated provider of services, products, and expertise whose only mission is to uncomplicate your journey to deliver 5-star quality post-acute care.

Empowering care means creating results that greatly improve the lives of patients and their caregivers. Enabling the best care everywhere, Joerns provides solutions that put people first. We’re uniquely positioned with an agile service platform to remain in a position to tailor solutions specifically to your facilities, your needs and the needs of your patients. Read more

Likamed GmbH

For more than 40 years, LiKAMED has been highly successful in the medical sector.
The formula for success: design and quality. The idea: Using this formula and our many years of experience, we develop innovative products for practical – and convenient – use.
The claim: All of our products are developed, tested, manufactured and assembled by our in-house specialists and are certified accordingly.
The promise: Made by LiKAMED – Made in Germany – Focused on Design and Quality. Read more

Meden Inmed

Since 1989, Meden-Inmed Sp. z o.o. is a major producer and a distributor of professional medical facilities. As a company with a long-term tradition, we pay special attention to patients’ needs. Our mission is to serve the medical staff and their patients, developing high quality, technologically advanced medical equipment. Read more

Orthos XX!

Most ORTHOS XXI products are Class I medical devices and bear the CE marking according to Regulation (EU) 2017/745 and they are notified to Infarmed, the Portuguese Health Authority, linked to the European Health Authority. Many of these are, at the time of their launch, tested by accredited and independent entities, namely the IBV (Instituto de Biomecanica de Valencia, in Spain). The company is also certified according to EN ISO 9001.  Read more

Performance Health

Performance Health is a leader in consumer healthcare and the largest global manufacturer and distributor of products to the rehabilitation and sports medicine markets. The company’s products are sold to leading healthcare facilities and practitioners such as physical therapists, athletic trainers, and chiropractors, as well as direct to consumers. Its market-leading brands, which are sold in over 100 countries, include TheraBand®, Cramer®, Sammons Preston®, and Rolyan®. Performance Health is headquartered in the greater Chicago, Illinois area, with significant operations both in the US and internationally. Read more


Rehateam S.r.l. and Progeo Ultra-light Manual Wheelchairs and Physio Postural System was acquired by the Swedish company Permobil AB in July 2021. The acquisition is an important part of Permobil’s overall strategy of developing the next generation of advanced assistive technology and services for individuals. Read more


Founded in 1988, we manufacture sport & daily made to measure wheelchairs. Every chair is unique to suit the requirements & individuality of its user. The highest quality materials are used to offer the lightest chairs on the market. Our team of mobility advisors can take you through the assessment process to create your perfect chair. Read more

RGK Wheelchairs

Our company is headquartered in Quakenbrück Germany, a small city just north of Osnabrück in the state of Lower Saxony. The integrated municipality of Artland comprises the townships of Quakenbrück, Badbergen, Menslage and Nortrup. Quakenbrück is the administrative centre of Artland. Red more


In keeping with a production reconversion project, in 1980 Rimec turned its production to the electromedical equipment sector, or more precisely, to the production of machines designed for passive rehabilitation. Read more


Our belief in this aim drove ROMPA forward to becoming the globally-recognised market-leader it is today. Through carefully selected and unique products, professional bespoke designed and meticulously installed environments along with excellent customer service, we continue to meet the needs of individuals, institutions, and businesses, globally.

ROMPA offers the sensory tools for choice, empowerment, enjoyment, inclusion, meaningful occupation, and comfort for everyone. Read more