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Energy-efficient, cool running, quiet and virtually maintenance-free. Integral 40W LED lamp provides bright, white light and typically lasts 100,000 hours (over 50 times the life of our 15980). Approximately half the power consumption of the Solar 100C. Compatible with the same accessories and wheels as the Solar 100C. Can be used on a table top (under supervision). Directly connect your own switches to stop/start the rotated image. With 85mm lens. 1200 Lumens. Weight: 3.3kg

Size: 37L x 13.3W x 23cmD (including bracket)

Not compatible with Wheel Rotators 22335, 13170, 16570 and 20685

Projectors have been considered a key component of a multi-sensory environments for decades. The advent of digital projectors has brought more choices and options for the MSE. Analogue projectors such as the ROMPA&reg Rainbow Wi Fi Projector Saver Pack, LED100, LED Projector and Aura Projector have the following advantages over digital alternatives:

  • Digital projectors constantly update images using a series of flashes per second (hertz), causing an imperceptible flickering effect. Some users find this over-stimulating, distracting and sometimes irritating. For some users, analogue projectors provide a more soothing and calming experience
  • Analogue projectors provide a single light source and so sharper and more defined imagery
  • These analogue projectors and accessories have been designed specifically for MSEs and so are appropriate, practical and durable


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