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Main Body : 1 EA
●Auto sensing Disc target Decompression system Control L/H 0 – 30mm

●Hip joint Flexion 7° & Extension Control 0°- 5°-10°-15°
●Trunk & Hip joint 0°- 5°-10°- 15° Both and one side lateral bending ●Cervical ROM Decompression 0°- 5°-10°- 15°Both and one side

lateral bending

▶Fully computerized control 1 EA : Computer & PLC Control Table ●Auto sensing KNX-7000 can monitor the condition and change of the patients’ health through the data management of their disease and it’s progress ●Setting-up program depending on disease, symptom, treatment phase, treatment progress, etc. easily adapts optimum programs to patients

●Setting-up for treatment and progress are complicated, but it always embodies the most advanced program operation system based on adapting clinically useful treatment technique using software with the built in KNX-7000

●As soon as it started, all of health conditions and medical treatment progress during remedy can be monitored at the look

●It monitors supplement, complement, re-modification for medical treatment method during remedy in State Screen

●For ideal medical treatment, it has complex multimedia functions, for example audio function plays even music in same time which is able to enhance comfort and muscle relaxation of patient

●Body system L-W-H (2500mmX680mmX700mm), Weight : 100Kg ●Control table L-W-H (560mmX600mmX1000mm), Weight : 50Kg ●AC 220V 60Hz / 400W


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