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▶Main Body : 1 EA
●Aslope 0°- 60° Multi slope angle control

●Rotation 0°- 360° Multi-rotation angle control ●Distance laser sensor 50 – 500mm : 2EA

▶Fully computerized control 1 EA : computer & PLC Control Table ●Auto sensing 3D NEWTON can monitor the condition and change of the patients’ health through the data management of their disease and it’s progress ●Setting-up program depending on disease, symptom, treatment phase, treatment progress, etc. easily adapts optimum programs to patients

●Setting-up for treatment and progress are complicated, but it always embodies the most advanced program operation system based on adapting clinically useful treatment technique using software with the built in 3D NEWTON

●As soon as it started, all of health conditions and medical treatment progress during remedy can be monitored at a look

●It monitors supplement, complement, re-modification for medical treatment method during remedy in State Screen

●For ideal medical treatment, it has complex multimedia functions,

●Body system L-W-H (2500mmX1400mmX2400mm), Weight : 250Kg

●Control table L-W-H (560mmX600mmX1000mm), Weight : 50Kg

●AC 220V 60Hz/400W


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