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Our interactive carpet mats are both visually stimulating and ideal for encouraging movement – walking, crawling and reaching.

When pressure is applied to the mat, the light comes on.  Step off the mat and the light goes out. This interaction gives control to the user, providing a visual reward and a feeling of empowerment.  This also encourages an understanding of cause and effect – realsiing that an action (stepping on the mat) causes a reaction (the lights to come on).  The interactive aspect of this product also encourages motor skills (movement) – the mat is motivating and stimulating.  The mat is large enough for several users to enjoy at once, which could be used to foster social skills, such as turn-taking.

Further interaction is also possible using our wirefree controllers, such as our 8 Colour Wirefree Controller – use one of our controllers to choose the colours of the fibre optic light points in the mat.

The mat can also be used passively (by disconnecting the cable from the round socket at the back of the light source).  This way the colour changes in sequence, scrolling gently through a cycle of beautiful and soothing colours. Light Source (19210) is included.

The carpet texture of the mat offers a tactile contrast to the vinyl cushioning typically found in Snoezelen® rooms.

The star shape provides added visual appeal, especially when combined with other space-related resources such as our Laser Sky Projector.

For use on a stable floor, ont top of existing flooring.  Heavy weights such as hoists and wheelchairs should not be pushed over the mat.  To help ensure a long life of this product, do not place in a dorrway or in an area where heavy footfall is likely. Most effective when used in a darkened environment.

These mats are hand-finished to ensure high quality, and are phthalate-free.


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