enzymes are catalysts to change. The name was derived from a biological origin that matches our philosophy in doing things.

We are catalysts to excellence in everything we do. Challenging the status quo is our paramount motive. Innovation and quality are our DNA.

We are passionate about reshaping and setting new trends in the industries that we tackle.

What We Do?

We strive to provide value products and differentiated healthcare solutions to patients and all stakeholders.

Current Areas of Specialties

Infection Prevention and Control.

Rehabilitation, Physiotherapy and Special needs.

Dental Technologies and Solutions.

What is ENZYM?

E: Enjoy what you do & Do what you enjoy.

N: Delivery whats Next

Z: The rifle has been Zeroed

Y: All about YOU.

M: Quality in everything we do is our Mandate

The strategic direction of the company/group:

  • Sustain group growth on Sales and Operational level.
  • Uncover new areas of specialties as per market needs and potentials
  • Widen scope of work, further than distribution channels.
  • Roll out the same products and solutions across the region.
  • Extend our success and services not only locally but regionally in the MEA.
  • Quality in everything we do.
  • Survey niche markets and acquire new businesses to complement our portfolio of products and position ourselves as solution providers.

Quality promise...

  • Committed to provide best in class medical devices, with quality service.
  • Raise the bar high for others
  • Quality in everything we do.
  • Aiming for leadership and to have best in class sales, marketing, clinical and service execution.
  • To be one of the leading medical devices company, not only through sales, but also through methods of employees’ engagement and having a competitive salary scale and implemented policies and procedures as per the high standards.